Colorblocking 101

Colorblocking 101

Wearing all black is always cute and chic but let's be honest, its boring!

Here are some quick and easy ways to add some color into your closet!

  1. Solid Starts
  2. The Color Family is Key
  3. Keep it Complementary

Solid Starts

A solid color is easy to incorporate into any look. Mixing prints can be tricky so start by using a bright solid piece to add some pop to your outfit. A plain black jacket wouldn't have done much to the look above so let's thank the pop of color for bringing this look together!

The Color Family is Key

When color blocking, keep the tones in the same family. If your shirt is neon then wear neon pants to match. Don't wear a neon shirt with pastel pants. 

Keep it Complementary

The color wheel is  your friend! Colors that are opposing each other on the color tend to look more visually appealing when combined than colors that are next to each other. For instance, orange and blue usually look better together that green and yellow. 

Send us your best color blocking looks to hello@highvoltagenails and we will add you to the blog! :) 

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