Solo Tripping

Solo Tripping

The best trip I've ever taken in my life is the one I took alone. 

People always tell me that they want to take a solo trip but they usually follow up with a bunch of excuses as to why they never go. It always, "I'm too scared to fly alone," or "I would feel weird by myself." 

Don't let yourself miss out on an amazing opportunity because "it feels weird". Seriously, there is so much out there to see! Don't spend all of your time waiting instead, seize the moment an GO!

When I went on my first solo trip to Puerto Rico I got to experience the best night of my life.

I flew into Aguadilla Pueblo of Puerto Rico. It is a secluded section of the island and is much more rural than San Juan. There, I stayed at the Villa Montana Beach Resort (pictured below) and had an amazing trip.

It was the most peaceful weekend of my life. The resort is on the beach so the views and the vibes were perfect. They have a delicious restaurant on the premises that I went to every morning. I drank mimosas and ate steak and eggs while sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

I spent the first day on the beach but, on the second day I took myself to the spa. I called an uber to the Green Tea Spa. I know a massage is good if I fall asleep by the end, and let me tell you, I was napping in bliss. I felt so relaxed! I was definitely in an extra good mood when I was done because I tipped the masseuse a whole $25. 

Later on that day,  I traveled a few blocks away and enjoyed horseback riding at Tropical Trail Rides. I called an Uber to the trails but it was so close to the resort that you could walk. I decided to take a cab just to make sure that I was being as safe as possible. I rode my horse, Honey, through farms, the beach and the forest on a hour and a half long trip.

Villa Montana Beach Resort offers a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach and of course, I took advantage of that! I watched the sunset while enjoying a four course meal at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It was so beautiful and peaceful. The dinner also came with a bonfire that I got to watch as I sipped my Cabernet Sauvignon. 

To be honest, I cried and smiled so much during that dinner. I have truly never been happier. I felt so blessed and grateful to be alive. At that moment I felt the privilege of life. 

Living is something that we are able to do. It is not guaranteed, permanent or reversible. Since you have the privilege of life, try to spend it doing things you enjoy without excuses or compromises. 

Happiness is always on the other side of fear or whatever Will Smith said. 



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